Christmas Wishlist for Chicken Keepers

Wishlist for chicken keepers
Whether you're a seasoned poultry pro or just starting your chicken-keeping journey, we've rounded up the must-have items that will make this holiday season egg-stra special. 

Get ready to add some cluck-tastic joy to your Christmas wishlist!  

Whether you're a seasoned poultry pro or just starting your chicken-keeping journey, we've rounded up the must-have items that will make this holiday season egg-stra special.

From easy-clean plastic coops to the game-changer Nestera Automatic Door Opener, these goodies will not only make your life easier but also keep your feathered friends happy and safe. And if you've been especially good this year, Santa might just surprise you with the coop of your dreams – big, beautiful, and with wheels for extra convenience!

But that's not all – we've found some other feather-worthy treats, like Muck Boots for cozy chicken chores, the ultimate chicken book of 2023 for those winter evenings by the fire, and chicken-themed socks that will make any fan smile all year round. For the little chicken enthusiasts, check out the adorable chicken night light or the quirky egg separator that's sure to bring laughter to your festive kitchen.

And for those planning to expand their flock in the Spring, why not try hatching your own eggs with the Brinsea Mini II Eco Incubator? It's super fun, educational for the kids, and known for excellent hatch rates!

This Christmas, give the gift of clucks and smiles with these egg-citing chicken keeping essentials. Your feathered friends (and you) will thank you! 

The essentials:

Nestera dropping trays

Want to make coop cleaner EVEN quicker and easier? Invest in these fab dropping trays and your coop will transform from grubby to glorious faster than you can say ‘Jack Frost’!

Nestera Automatic Door Opener 

This is the ONE product every poultry expert wishes you would buy. Not only does it make YOUR life so much easier, it will likely save the lives of your flock too!

The Wagon 

If you have been especially good this year, Santa MIGHT bring you the chicken house we ALL want this Christmas. It’s big, it’s beautiful, it has wheels… it's coop perfection!

Knick knacks

  • Muck Boots  – A quick and easy boot to throw on to see to the chickens, so comfortable you won’t want to take them off! (Men's ones are half the price!)
  • Chicken Boy: My Life With Hens – THE chicken book of 2023, great illustrations, photos, memories and advice. Makes for the perfect Winter read snuggled on the sofa in front of a roaring fire!
  • Jeasona Chicken Socks  – Christmas and socks go together like Santa and Snow and these will make any chicken fan, smile all year round!
  •  ZKLiLi Night Lights  – The ideal gift for any chicken fanatics in the making, super cute and practical, also perfect for big kids too!
  • LuoCoCo Cute Egg Separator – This is equally practical and revolting but is likely to cause much hilarity over the festive season, useful for many culinary capers!
  •  Feathers & Beaky | Peck It Treat Dispenser for Chickens  – What do you buy the flock who has everything? These look great, are durable and always popular, filled with seeds or live mealworms for the perfect gift!
  • Brinsea Mini II Eco 10 Egg Incubator - If you are planning to add to your flock in the Spring, why not hatch your own? Super fun and educational for the kids and this particular brand is known for its excellent hatch rates!


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